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Salus offers patient care and comprehensive consulting services in virtually every practice-related area.  


Our comprehensive suite of services include direct patient care, business consulting, informatics, data analytics, professional speaking, medical education including medical simulation, event planning, strategic planning, patient safety and quality, change management, technical services, and practice marketing.

Patient Care


Our evidence-based patient care services have a proven track record in patient satisfaction with our physicians as trusted partners in their care.



In the rapidly changing healthcare landscape, you need a knowledgable partner in planning the future of your organization.  Call us now to confirm your current strategy or help you manage the information necessary to make the right decisions in planning your organization's future. 



Look no further, you can finally get a handle on your workflows!  Our consultants will dedicate all the time your organization needs to map out your current processes and incorporate best-practices into the development of your future process all while observing your organizational constraints. 

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